Buying Jewelry

Many of our customers have asked what they need to know when buying jewelry. Here are a few recommendations that we have for you.

1. First and foremost, always remember that when you walk into a jewelry store, you are looking for expertise, the same as you would when you hire a lawyer or a doctor. You expect a qualified professional, and we guarantee you that at Windy City Diamonds, L.L.C.

2. The total price of your diamond ring is determined by your budget. Although it is a generally recommended guide when buying your diamond ring that you budget at least two months salary, we do not put pressure on anyone. We will always respect the price range that you have decided upon, and we will guarantee you the finest value within your budget.

3. When buying your diamond, it is prudent to search for an "independently certified" diamond by one of the worlds major laboratories. The most well know of these laboratories is the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America. Normally, an independent report from this laboratory will command a premium over other laboratory reports. Some of the other major laboratories are the EGL, AGS, HRD, PGS and IGI. Lots of initials, but easier to remember than spelling the whole thing out for you! The point is, it is to your advantage when purchasing a diamond to have one of these reports, rather than taking your jewelers decision on a diamond. Many jewelers are capable of evaluating the proper grading, but the laboratories use multiple people on each diamond, and they have the most sophisticated equipment, which most jewelers do not have.

4. Remember, when you are comparing prices on independently certified diamonds, these lists only compare the color and clarity. There is a lot more to consider when viewing diamonds. For instance, how well your diamond is cut may dramatically affect the visual appeal to your eye. These cut differences may be part of the reason that prices vary and only by viewing a few diamonds, side by side, will you be able to understand these differences. Our professional staff will certainly be able to show you these differences and explain what this means to you.

5. Buying a diamond ring is an exciting and emotional time in your life. Our commitment to you is that your experience will be both informative and enjoyable. Please come in, try different styles on, let us show you different diamonds to help you in your selection.